The Bambarone Art Foundation

The art foundation “fondazione artistica bambarone” is a non-profit institution promoting the dialogue between art, nature and architecture, between local and international artists.

In collaboration with local and international curators, the foundation promotes contemporary art projects of emerging talents in the fields of visual arts, literature, performing arts, music, art criticism and cultural management by awarding scholarships, board, lodging and the provision of tools and work utensils.

By issuing publications and organising colloqui, workshops and exhibitions, locally and internationally, we introduce the award winners to a wide public.

The foundation wants to enable talented artists of different disciplines to pursue their creative activities outside their cultural circle or place of residence, without using their own financial resources. to work, be creative and present art within the network of affiliated foundations, art associations, galleries and museums.

Personalities from politics, social life, cultural institutions and artists are represented in the different committees of the art foundation to support this ambition.